Austin, TX

Bar and Restaurant Staff

Help local LGBTQ Bar and Restaurant Staff who are losing income because of COVID-19 by sending virtual tips as you self-quarantine!

Every time you have a drink at home, “tip” a bartender by sending a few bucks to one of the Venmo/CashApp/PayPal accounts below. Have a stay-at-home “bar hop” night by tipping a bartender/bar staff member from a different bar each round you drink!

If your Venmo/CashApp/PayPal info isn’t on here but you feel it should be, please submit your info here.

Resoures are available for Bartenders. You can apply for grant assistance through the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program if you meet the eligible requirements.


Name Payment Method
Asher Taylor
  • Venmo:  @Asher-Taylor
  • CashApp:  $AsherTaylor92
David Balli (resident
  • Venmo: @djkavika
  • CashApp: $djkavika
  • Venmo:  @Dinojustdino
Justin Davis
  • Venmo: @Justin-Davis-379
Lloyd Townsell
  • Venmo: @Lloyd-Townsell
  • Paypal:
Miguel Rosa
  • Venmo: @Migzz_429
Vegas Van Cartier
  (aka Courtney Cooper)
  • Venmo: @VegasVanCartier

Cheer Up Charlie's

Name Payment Method
Carly Beiler
  • Venmo: @Carly-beiler
Erica Sipple
  • Venmo: @supplesipple
Kathee Lozano
  • Venmo: @kathee-lozano
Luis Escajeda
  • Venmo: @Luis-Escajeda
Max Beiler
  • Venmo: @maxbfly
  • CashApp: $maxbfly
  • Venmo: @manda047
Trish Connelly
  • Venmo: @trconnelly

Coconut Club

Name Payment Method
Benji Patel
  • Venmo: @Benjamin-Patel
Brantley Robertson
  • Venmo: @Brantley-Robertson
Christina McMahon
  • Venmo: @breakfastfetish
Dan Dalton
  • Venmo: @dandalt
Joseph Aguirre
  • Venmo: @joseph-Aguirre-1
Sara Mues
  • Venmo: @sarahmues27
Stephen Peterson
  • Venmo: @sfrisco
Vertarias Hankins
  • Venmo: @TheLilacTrapHouse

Highland Lounge

Name Payment Method
Chris Skinner
  • Venmo: @ChrisSkinnerATX
James Boucher
  • Venmo: @James-Boucher-4
Jason Feliciano
  • Venmo: @Jason-Feliciano
  • CashApp: $jaytayfel
Josh Clephas
  • Venmo: @Josh-Clephas


Name Payment Method
DJ Eriq Stylez
  • Venmo: @eric-contreras-24
  • Paypal:

Oilcan Harry's

Name Payment Method
  • Venmo: @Daniel-Valadez-4
Edgar Gierbolini
  • Venmo: @Edgar-gierbolini
Jesse Ojeda
  • Venmo: @Jesse-Ojeda-6
Joey Mojica
  • Venmo: @Joey-Mojica-1
Scott Hill
  • Venmo: @Scott-Hill-60
Texas Dela Rosa
  • Venmo: @Texas-Rosa


Name Payment Method
Andrea Hinojosa
  • CashApp: $dreahinojosa8
Bobby Cook
  • Venmo: @Bobby-Cook-5
  • CashApp: $xDoria
Justin Cantrell
  • Venmo: @Justin-Cantrell-2
Mark Mitchell
  • Venmo: @Mark-mitchell-35
Robert Bloom
  • Venmo: @Robert-Bloom-10

Restaurant Staff/Others

Name Payment Method
Charlie Testa
  • Venmo: @charlietesta
  • CashApp: $charlietesta
  • Paypal: charlietesta
David Tarafa
  (server, Eden East)
  • Venmo: @bethcomics
Eli Howard
  • Venmo: EliMEMobile
  • CashApp: EliMEMobile
  • Paypal: EliMEMobile
  • Google Pay: EliMEMobile
  • Square Cash: EliMEMobile
Ernest Campos
  (Crawfish Shack South)
  • Venmo: @ernestodemayo
Jenna Brown
  (Capitol City Comedy Club)
  • Venmo: @jennabee2228
Kendall Aguinaga
  (server, Chispas)
  • Venmo: @kendall_ATX
  • CashApp: $KendallAguinaga
Mark Adams
  (server, Cipollina Bistro)
  • Venmo: @markatoms
Rebecca Janssens
  (pastry chef)
  • Venmo: @rebecca-janssens

Sellers Underground

Name Payment Method
Adam Stone
  • Venmo: @Adam-Stone-77
Angel Serrata
  • Venmo: @Angel-Serrata
Diamond Dior
  • CashApp: $diamonddioratx
DJ Tony Castro (resident DJ)
  • Venmo: @Tony-Castro-3
  • CashApp: $TonyCATX
  • Paypal: PayPal.Me/djtonycastro
  • Venmo: @hermajestie
Jonathan Smith
  • Venmo: @Jonathan-Smith-480
Nadine Hughes
  • Venmo: @melody-cass
  • CashApp: $browsoftexas
  • Paypal:
Nick Jones
  • Venmo: @Nicholasejones
Wayne Fowks
  • Venmo: @Wayne-Fowks
  • Paypal: paypal.Me/Waynefowks

The Iron Bear

Name Payment Method
  • Venmo: @Al-Rivera-18
Alphonso Compian
  • Venmo: @alpha_theironbear
Anthony Huicochea
  • Venmo: @minty_rosa_512
  • CashApp: $anthuicochea87
Bruce Barfield
  • Venmo: @Bruce-Barfield-3
Charlie Ramirez
  • Venmo: @xbrown-boy-bluesx
Dustin Yadon
  • Paypal:
Humberto Zavala
  • Venmo: @Attack29
Jason Grodzinski
  • Venmo: @Jason-Grod
Jeff Linton
  • Paypal:
Joshua Amos
  • Venmo: @Joshua-Amos-13
Kyle Kline
  • Venmo: @Kyle-Kline
Lexi Cubley
  • Venmo: @Lexi-cubley
Michael de la Riva
  • CashApp: $mikkah09
  • Paypal:
Mike Horton
  • Venmo: @mike-horton-6
Murrah Noble
  • Venmo: @MurrahNoble
Robert Nicholson
  • Venmo: @RobYaBlind
Saul Trevino
  • Venmo: @saul-trevino
Steven Williams
  • Venmo: @littlestmusclecub